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Tonight, DJ's Got Us Falling In Love Again [Sneight]

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Tonight, DJ's Got Us Falling In Love Again [Sneight]

Post by Skyla Hawkins on Tue Nov 06, 2012 3:56 am

So we're back in the club, Got those bodies rocking from side to side. Thank God the week is done, I feel like a zombie come back to life.

Skyla gave a soft sigh as the tired green eyes of her reflection stared back at her. So tired. Need sleep. And food. Food and sleep.

"Gypsy, you're up on the main-stage in a minute," Kathleen's voice breaking through her thoughts as she poked her head around the door.

"Last set of the night, you reckon?" the brunette asked, picking up a tube of lipstick from her station bench and swiping it across her lips.

"Most likely. Go get 'em tiger!" the blonde replied with a giggle before disappearing once again.

Smiling, Sky followed her out into the club. As the previous dancer stepped off the stage, Skyla stepped up, allowing the music wash over her. She loved it when their DJ played a favourite of hers, especially towards the end of the night. The most perfect pick-me-up for 5 in the morning.

Her eyes began to scan the club as she began to dance. Someone towards the back caught her eye. He looked familiar. Familiar, but she couldn't place him, not from that far away. Green eyes met blue ones. Those eyes...!

Ain't I seen you before? I think I remember those eyes...
Skyla Hawkins
Skyla Hawkins

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Re: Tonight, DJ's Got Us Falling In Love Again [Sneight]

Post by Sneight Survis on Tue Nov 06, 2012 10:09 am

Sneight had walked in ten minutes ago, the result of another night's nightmares and the following, enforced, insomnia. Throwing himself through a shower, downing half a litre of coffee, he left the apartment to hit the main streets.
The bright lights, booming bass, and the possibility of meeting that girl again, even a whole month after, was a strong allure indeed.

The smoke machines must have been on overdrive tonight - leaning on the bar, he could barely see the main stage.

The music stopped, and the DJ's voice crackled into life..
Please welcome on-to the stage... GYPSY!!!

That name sounded awfully familiar.. he mused to himself, bells rang distant in his head.

The second the girl stepped onto the stage, he put the face he remembered to the resounding name.

When she made eye contact, he couldn't help but shiver with excitement.

This time, Sneight, you're going to make something worthwhile of your 6am walks..

He walked across the floor towards the main stage. His chest felt a tad tight, he could feel his eyes wide. He could barely pull his eyes off her - she was just as pretty as he remembered. Men around him whistled and waved tips. He walked straight up to her, held out a euro note big enough for her to take notice.

"Care for a walk, Gypsy?" he shouted over the din of some electro song's drone.

And not to the VIP room.. he pleaded silently to himself.
Sneight Survis
Sneight Survis

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Re: Tonight, DJ's Got Us Falling In Love Again [Sneight]

Post by Skyla Hawkins on Sat Nov 10, 2012 1:43 pm

Those eyes...I remember those eyes... It's that paramedic.

Her green eyes followed him as he made his way over to her. A smile, a genuine smile at that, lit up her face. She was glad to see him. Stop it. He's a customer. Stop it, Hawkins...

But she couldn't. He was smart, attractive, and brilliant to talk to. That night she'd met him was definitely one of the better nights that she'd had in a long while. Should have given him my number...

At his question, she raised an eyebrow, thinking it over. She had a couple of hours left of her shift still. She couldn't just ditch. I don't want to be stuck here for that long though...

Dancing over, she leaned close enough to murmur into his ear, "Give me ten minutes. I have a most brilliant plan... I'm rather dying for a coffee," she added with a soft chuckle, sliding the note from his fingers and placing a soft kiss on his cheek.

What are you doing...?!

Improvising. A 'sprained' ankle should get me off shift and off to coffee with the handsome paramedic...
Skyla Hawkins
Skyla Hawkins

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Re: Tonight, DJ's Got Us Falling In Love Again [Sneight]

Post by Sneight Survis on Sat Nov 10, 2012 2:47 pm

Sneight stood out the back door of the club. The morning air was crisp, but pleasant.
Having had his money taken, the two of them had retreated to the V.I.P. booths and sat together and planned her escape. Storming out, she'd limped to the back with a "sprained ankle"..
Her deviant smile was incredible, the spark in her eyes as they lied to her bosses. Her swagger as she knew she was outwitting those people was intense and alluring. He could feel the hot air in his chest inflating him.

What a wonderful feeling..

The door next to him opened, and a pretty girl with dark locks and bags slipped out soundlessly.

The sun was rising, and what a wonderful day this could be..

He smiled, and held out his hand,
"I know a cafe we could find breakfast in, if you're up for it? My shout, if you don't mind chucking me some of that money back.."
He winked, and smiled, looking her in the eyes.
"After all, you never did have to earn it.. What better than a hot meal?"

He stepped out towards the main street, holding his hand back.
"You coming?"
Sneight Survis
Sneight Survis

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Re: Tonight, DJ's Got Us Falling In Love Again [Sneight]

Post by Skyla Hawkins on Thu Jan 03, 2013 10:49 am

Skyla stopped 'limping' as soon as she was outside. After all - there was no point in keeping up the facade outside of club doors. She was sure that Juliet had seen right through her clever scheme, but she was kind enough to let her go home early anyway. Probably because the brunette worked her butt off at the club and was one of Papillion Noir's top earners. That, and I'm Julie's favourite, she thought with a smile, letting the back-door shut behind her with a soft slam.

She stood for a moment, enjoying the breeze that caressed her hot skin as if offering her a soothing gift after the long and tiring shift. The sun was rising too and she stood mesmerized for a moment - it wasn't a site she often got to see. By the time she usually got out, the sun was already up.

She smiled at Sneight, taking his offered hand. "That sounds lovely. Food and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee," she added with a giggle. She withdrew the note from her pocket and sidling up to him slipped it into his. "On good nights I don't have to earn my money anyway. Simply stepping onto the stage is enough." She wasn't one to give back money to their owners. But Sneight was different. Unlike most that walked into the club, he wasn't a seedy perv and she respected that. "And what do you mean, I didn't earn it? You try being in these heels all night and then tell me that," she teased with a laugh, rather enjoying having her hand in his as they walked.

"Now, whereabouts is this place? Far away from there, I hope," she said with a backwards nod in the direction of the club that was moving slowly further and further out of site. "Otherwise it would be just a tad awkward to explain, I reckon..." she giggled.
Skyla Hawkins
Skyla Hawkins

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Re: Tonight, DJ's Got Us Falling In Love Again [Sneight]

Post by Sneight Survis on Sat Jan 12, 2013 12:03 pm

"Well..." He responded to the heels comment, "If ever there was a secret I kept..."

Looking down to the girl with a grin, he winked in jest. "Just kidding, tights make me chafe." He took the note and slid it back into the wallet. "And don't worry, it isn't too far. You'll be able to kick off your heels in no time - at this time of the morning most of the 24 hour cafes are fairly dead anyway. Speaking as someone who works ridiculous hours in the same pair of socks, I doubt you'll have nearly the same ability to clear a room..."

He grimaced.

"I usually hesitate to take the boots off after work. Find excuses to keep them on. Getting the mail, leaving something out for the birds. Possibility of a thumb tack lying around on the bedroom floor... Oddly enough, a thumb-tack would assault my senses less than loosening off the laces.

During this ridiculous paragraph of total nonsense, the pair walked the silent morning streets. Eventually they rounded the corner, and began closing in on the cafe.

"But I jibbering, sorry. Really, I should be asking about you. What you get up to when you're not working, for example?" He pitched the question and he drew the girl into the cafe's entrance, holding the door. "Or, perhaps, how you like your eggs. Sunny side up?" he looked up from the ground and smiled, tides of tiredness beginning to roll in.

They took a booth in the corner, by the windows, sitting opposite each other. Swinging his legs up onto the upholstery, the man stretched himself out, and yawned loudly.
"Oops, sorry, I think the time is getting to me..."
Looking up, he got the bored waiter's attention, and the boy started to head over.
Sneight Survis
Sneight Survis

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Re: Tonight, DJ's Got Us Falling In Love Again [Sneight]

Post by Sponsored content

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