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Senseless Cruelty [Jcink]

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Senseless Cruelty [Jcink] Empty Senseless Cruelty [Jcink]

Post by TC on Sun Aug 04, 2013 10:47 am

Senseless Cruelty [Jcink] Pbucket

Senseless Cruelty

What would you do if suddenly your world was turned upside down? The normal, safe life you've lived is taken from you and there's not going back. Could you survive without your cell phone, computer, TV, or grocery stores?

On Senseless Cruelty we've taken ideas from three different fandoms (The Walking Dead, Dawn of the Dead (1978) and 28 Days Later) and thrown them all together. Jump into a world where there are both slow and fast zombies, and the undead even more contagious. Join a group of survivors living inside a large mall in PA. Create a canon or make your own original character.

The choice is yours. Will you survive in this new world or end up being just another one of the walking dead?

Rules ~ Plot ~ PB List ~ Advertising


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Senseless Cruelty [Jcink] Empty Re: Senseless Cruelty [Jcink]

Post by TC on Sun Aug 04, 2013 10:48 am

Not sure why the links aren't working...


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