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Berlin's Official Residents - "Canon" List

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Berlin's Official Residents - "Canon" List Empty Berlin's Official Residents - "Canon" List

Post by Juliet Rousseau on Tue Jan 08, 2013 7:56 am

This is the list of characters who have been pre-decided by members and are in want of a lovely owner. Feel free to adopt one today! Smile

Name Occupation Character Face
Brianna Carlisle Paediatrician Heidi Klum
Catrìona Carlisle University Student; Future AnthropologistEvan Rachel Wood
--- Founder of Evanesca; ex-spy Alan Rickman/Tim Gunn
Elisa Meindl Assistant Protocol Officer Lauriane Gillieron
Jacklyn Cooper Doctor; John Mason's exMeryl Streep
Kayla Sullivan Student Jordyn Wieber
Peter Carlisle Government Official Gerard Butler
Roni Kaplan Student at Evanesca Esti Ginzburg
Stephanie Burke Protocol Officer (American Embassy)
Christine Reiler
Characters are linked to their own post in the 'wanted' section. If you are a guest and want to take someone, simply register with that character's name.

The list shall be updated every time a new character is posted up in the wanted section, or is taken from the list.

Although we'd really really like the play-by's that are stated to be used, at the end of the day they are only a suggestion and can be changed if you really have a problem with them. We'd rather you didn't, but hey - it's more important that a character's played, not who their face is. However please talk to either an admin or the poster of the wanted character about this once you're registered. We're all reasonable people here - we won't bite heads off.

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Juliet Rousseau
Juliet Rousseau

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