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Safety is a Illusion [Anyone]

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Safety is a Illusion [Anyone] Empty Safety is a Illusion [Anyone]

Post by NPC on Thu Jan 10, 2013 9:11 am

A man walked into a night club in Berlin, he looked around and saw that the people were having fun, without a care in the world, they felt safe, privileged, and ignorant to the dangers in front of them, but soon the illusion of safety will be shattered, the rich, the powerful, the privileged, they will all fall, for opulence is a sin we all pay for.

The man that had entered the night club ten minutes earlier, he sat at the bar and ordered the drink, he decided to have a drink before proceeding to his goal, after all, a few minutes won’t hurt the cause, so the man waited for his drink, and once it arrived, he took a sip from it while observing his surroundings, he counted the security, and then he knew that once he began his mission, he would have less than five minutes before a police response would happen, the man then saw that the rest of his team had arrived, so he signaled for them to wait

Once the man had finished drinking, he paid for it and then he walked toward his team, and said “Begin in one minute, we have five minutes before a police response to our activities.” The team then synchronized their watches and got into position, waiting for the watch to hit five, once it did, all hell will be unleash. The man walked up to the second floor and then to a balcony overlooking the dance floor, he looked at the people, his watch then beeped, the man then said “Now it begins.” He turned around, took out a concealed firearm from his coat, a UMP5, he took aim at the bouncer that was behind him and opened fire, killing him instantly, he then turned around again and saw that his team had succeeded in preforming their job in killing the bouncers, now it was time for stage two.

Stage two had begun, they had already set up a cellular jammer to prevent anyone from calling for help, if they are lucky, the jammer may have added some time before a police response can be mounted, but, they would still proceed with the original plan. The man then saw that two more men had entered the night club, good the backup had arrived, they had brought in the real weaponry, two M60 light machine guns and one RPG-7, they should be able to hold off the police assault for a while with those weapon, the man ordered for his allies to get into position, to turn the place into a death trap, anyone whom enters will die.

The man walked into the crowd and looked at the people, he saw fear, their sense of security gone, they feared for their lives, now it was time, the man walked to the middle of the dance floor and said “I am Fred Ivarsson, and did you believe that wealth and power can protect you, did you not think that the people would stand up and fight? Your government is weak, your resolve is weak, your money cannot save you, your government cannot save you, nothing can save you now, and NO, we are not AL-Qaeda or some other religiously motivated fool, we are here to show the world the truth, the truth is that capitalism oppress the poor and the needy, if we must use violence to get the message through to the thick minded capitalist, then so be it, you will all survive though if you do exactly what I say, if you do not, you will die, killing you will gain nothing for me, I regret the inevitable loss of life, but it will be needed for the future of all of us! Now we begin.” Fred then started to booby trap the building, when they were ready, when the police swarmed the area, they would detonate the explosives, maximum casualties would be the goal, the loss of life is tragic but needed. Once he was done with placing the explosives, Fred walked to his men and said “Comrades, brothers, sister, our journey has begun, we have already crossed the line of no return, I will not lie to you, you will not survive this day, but the cause must survive, I shall leave to continue our crusade, I must leave before the response arrives, but we will vote if I am to leave, if you deem that I shall stay to fight and die with you, then I will honour your choice and we will fight the capitalist dogs together.”

Fred’s troops voted and told him that the cause still needed him and told him to leave before the response arrives, and thus Fred left the nightclub, just as he walked by the street, he heard the sirens coming, he knew he had left just in time, if he had stayed for another minute or two he would not have been able to escape, today was a good day indeed.

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